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The Edge program

The Edge program has been designed to give managers and leaders a leading edge.

Small groups meet monthly, for confidential and structured 4.5 hour leadership development sessions facilitated by wise, experienced and highly qualified leadership development experts. Participants bring their own challenges to the program and help to resolve them using the content and tools provided in the sessions as well as the views of other participants.

The program will challenge thinking, practice and understanding by mixing a diverse group of managers and leaders from different backgrounds. The diversity of perspectives that emerge from the robust and rigorous interactions are powerful enablers for leadership development. The Edge will not only help to provide better solutions to current challenges, it will also develop individuals to think more broadly and strategically for the future challenges they will face.

The facilitators will encourage the group to explore systems, ask different questions, take multiple perspectives and apply new skills to their change challenge. Throughout the sessions, the facilitator will keep a focus on how the leader’s personal style supports and/or inhibits their change efforts and encourage participants to reflect upon and develop their personal capabilities. The specific content for each Action Learning Set would be tailored to the needs of the group; however a suggested outline based on adaptive change concepts, and the competencies, attributes and behaviours of a contemporary change leader is outlined below.

  • Identify change triggers and the level of control the organisation has over change triggers
  • Tools and frameworks to lead in complex times
  • Roles/responsibilities/power and rank
  • Overcoming obstacles to action
  • Culture of organisation in relation to change readiness
  • Navigating change through formal systems and structures, especially collaboration
  • Keeping yourself safe in leading change

Dates for 2018 will be available soon.

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