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Mission Statement

About Us

Our Purpose

The Leaders Institute of South Australia is driving the future of leadership excellence across the state. Established in July 2004 the Leaders Institute provides unique leadership development opportunities that deliver beneficial change for individuals, organisations and society as a whole. The exceptional suite of programs we offer supports our mission to develop wiser leaders for South Australia. Our programs have proven effective in personal and professional growth that extends well beyond program involvement alone and includes connection to a broader leadership community.

The Leaders Institute and our program graduates are continuously proving influential in building a greater community for a better State. Participants experience not only individual leadership growth, but the chance to contribute meaningful to community change and prosperity. We recognise that sound leadership is also about citizenship and the individual growth of our participants often leads to generating meaningful and broad social impact for South Australia. The Leaders Institute’s flagship program, the Governor's Leadership Foundation (GLF) program, offers truly life changing and accelerated learning opportunities intended to expand the self-awareness, wisdom and impact of its participants.

Get involved today. You can register for a program, attend an event, become a member, bring us a wicked problem or provide sponsorship. However you become involved, you will inevitably be becoming a wiser leader for South Australia.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To develop wiser leadership for the benefit of the South Australian community.Vision: To be a key catalyst for positive change and prosperity in our State, providing unconventional, unmatched and unforgettable opportunities for personal and professional growth for our State's established and emerging leaders and a powerful community of practice to support them in their professional and community leadership work.

Our Values

We will carry out our work and strive to achieve our goals in ways that are consistent with our organisational and team values – namely:

  • Inspiring Others: We endeavour to operate at a high level, to embrace change and to enrol people in the pursuit of a better society through the development of wiser leadership.
  • Integrity and Trust: Our team members are people of strong character who act with integrity. We deliver on our promises, act in line with our values and walk our talk. We honour the trust that others have in us and our organisation. We take responsibility for our mistakes. We share information that helps others in their efforts to build a better society.
  • Valuing Diversity: We strive to respect, understand and empathise with differences in people, cultures and value sets. We actively encourage diversity in our programs, teams and networks.
  • Relationships: We aim to find common ground and build solid relationships with all of our stakeholders. We endeavour to get the best out of people within our team and through our programs.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Our team has broad interests, knowledge and skills that translate into new ideas and cutting-edge strategies and programs. We strive to be creative and visionary. We take a philosophical perspective towards failure and learn from our mistakes.
  • Flexibility, Openness and Humility: We are open to continuous improvement as individuals and in our programs. Our team members seek increasing self-awareness and understanding. We are responsive to feedback. We quickly admit flaws and mistakes. We are authentic.
  • Organisation: We are well-organised, resourceful and frugal. We are effective and efficient at marshalling multiple resources (including volunteers and sponsorship) to get things done.
  • Sustainability: We are mindful of our impact on our planet. We take continuous action to reduce our use of energy and water and our waste generation.

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